This brand new Harley Davidson® Road Glide ST has had numerous upgrades already in its short time on this earth. You can easily see that taking a look at the photos.

We stared a short time ago upgrading the stereo which you will see on another post, but recently we changed the ride.

Yeah yeah, we know it’s an ST and built like a race machine, but the customer wanted adjustable front and rear air, so we added a full set of Dirty Air front and Rear Air. This was a used set, ( which we won’t usually install used anything) so we had to see what was good, bad or missing to get it all set up. We installed bar switches for the front and rear where he has easy access for adjustability.

We ran some new airline on 90 degree swivels at the compressor and tank so we could hide the lines better from the back of the bike since the ST is wide open. The Dirty Air set comes with a big bulky stainless like the recommend runs behind the fender which is fine if you are running a bike that runs a fender extension.

Jacksonville Cycle got it done! We ran the lines in some protective sleeve to keep them looking clean and stop them from having any wear through over time.

We are also your stop for tire replacement. The customer had a straight plug in his tire and we pulled that sucker off and got him fixed up with a new Michelin Commander III.

The bike looks and rides great.

Come see us for a quote on your next project! We would love to help you!

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