This beautiful bike was just in to the shop for some re-work. It recently had work done at another shop where they put the screws to owner.

We took off the cheap rear air ride (they had digging into the rear brake rotor), and center stand that they sold as a legit brand at the brand name prices.

We ended up installing a full Dirty Air system and MRI center stand. The front brake lines were routed where they got pinched to the point where he lost his front brakes. We installed new lines and routed them the right way.

He also had numerous check engine codes as it rolled in from various issues caused by the previous shop as well. We fixed him up with the right solutions and got the bike running great. We are glad he is back on the road safely and the bike looks great and it is now operating as it should.

We are an HHI / Hawg Halters dealer. We can fix you up with their rake kits, or fat tire kits if you are looking to change the look of your bike.