Mike started on two wheels at a very young age and has been addicted ever since. Mike stated out on an old homemade mini bike with a 3 horse briggs. Many eaten pant legs later he moved up to various 1970-80’s, 90’s and 2000’s dirt bikes. 

At the ripe age of 11, Mike began working for a cycle repair shop about 5 miles down the road. He had to ride his bike there until he got a little more rebellious, and starting riding his three wheeler or dirt bike to work.

He started out with small stuff like changing spark plugs, chains, and tires. After that was second nature he got into cleaning and rebuilding carburetors and then syncing the on multi-cylinder engines. By mid summer the boss trusted him enough to pull full engines out of bike, split the cases to replace broken gears and also replace worn out pistons, and rings. There wasn’t much he was not able to do.

Mike and his brother started buying broken down dirt bikes, street bike and ATV’s with money earned and consistently repaired and re-sold various toys.

Always out to give his mom a scare, he was always riding wheelies, jumping hills, or racing.

Mike even worked as a watercraft tech while going to college and also working for UPS in the truck and trailer shop.

In his 20’s Mike was a sport bike guy. He won Nationals back when IDBA was around on a CBR 600 F2. As far as we know he was the first to ever win this even on a Honda. Most race bikes were built from Kawasaki’s or Suzuki’s back then.

After many years of various sport bikes, Mike later had a BigDog ridgeback and then moved into riding Harley’s.

His current bikes are a Harley Davidson® Street Glide Special with a killer sound system, and a 2023 Road Glide with a 135 pushing 160hp and 170tq.

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