Harley Davidson® Street Glide Special 

This street glide has been upgraded to have a hell of a ride and a hell of a sound system. If you are looking to upgrade your Harley in Jacksonville, Orange Park, Middleburg, Green Cove Spring or anywhere for that matter, we are here to help!

Let’s start with the obvious, the sound system. This bike is a 2015 and it came from the factory with about 2002 technology. The Harley Davidson® head units we super slow and lacking any real user friendly features. We upgraded it to a Sound Stream Reserve HDHU.14 Si. This head unit allows the user to connect their mobile device to the head unit via CarPlay or Android Auto.

This allows the rider to have similar functionality as they auto may have. It allows you to play music via music apps or connect to GPS using apps like Waze or Google Maps. As far as the audio quality there isn’t anything better. The HDHU.14 Si has a built in EQ, subwoofer controls, engine monitoring and gauges, and many more features. The radio is also water resistant with an IPx5 rating.

The radio is so clean in power we cannot get the high level outputs to distort on our distortion detector.

Since we have a crystal clear head unit we needed crystal clean power. We power the 4 Wet Sounds Zero Series horn loaded speakers with a Hertz SP 4.900 amp. This is also super clean and plenty of power to make your ears hurt, literally your ears will hurt. The first thing everyone says when they hear this system is it is soooo clean. The crisp highs reproduce music effortlessly.

We had to have a little bass to go with it, so we custom built a sub woofer enclosure that is housed in the tour pack. We are currently running it as a sealed enclosure and it produces a solid sound from 20-40 hz but gives the system a great full range sound up to about 100 hz where we have it tuned to overlap with the Wet Sounds that are running do to about 80 hz. This bike rocks!

The sub was then powered with a Soundigital 800.1 EvoPS. It has enough ass to get the sub woofer moving.

Now that it is sounding good, we had to make it look and ride good too.

We swapped out the horrendous factor suspension with Legend Suspensions Air-A adjustable rear air shocks. It helps out with my short legs and bad back. The ride quality is top notch.

We added the Legend Axeo21 from suspension which also increase the ride quality and got ride of the front end dive. The 21 is also for the Coastal Moto 21″ front tire that was added as well. It has a bump stop to keep it from diving down and smashing the from fender.

Other upgrades that were done as well were the KST Kustoms handlebars and Mayhem crash bar. We also added the Advanblack stretched bags and 8″ speaker lids witch we have to modify for the 8″ Wet Sounds speakers.

To use the bag liners we installed the amp on our custom amp plate we cut on our inc machine, it acts as a large heat sync to pull heat away from the amp. It also gives us a base to screw to.

We stripped off the 2015 tank badges. We then added the 2023 badges that we custom painted to have the hint of red to go along with the brake screens we painted.

If you are looking for us to do work on your Harley or if you are looking to purchase audio or accessories that you can install we would love to work with you. Please let us know what we can do to help get your bike look or sound the way you would like.

We appreciate your business!